9th November, 2017

You know what? Can mixed eat cold medicine can cause kidney failure


A lot of people have a cold, just go to the drugstore to buy cold medicine to eat, a kind of cold medicine feeling has no effect, several kinds of eat together. But is that right? These two days, wang of wuhan is anxious to cure a cold, mixed eat four kinds of cold medicine, cause acute kidney failure. Netizens are dubious about it. Can different brand of cold medicine eat together, can cause kidney failure really?


I don’t know if it’s harmful.

A reporter came to a drugstore in xuelin street, where there are seven or eight types of cold medicine on the shelves.

Three – nine cold, white and black, day and night, qing kailing… Waiting for all kinds of cold medicine to become the pharmacy sales force.

「There are over a dozen kinds of cold medicines on the market, and the range of consumer choice is relatively broad.」 Pharmacists in pharmacies tell reporters that pharmacists often offer professional advice on medications, but end up buying the drug or buying it with consumers.

In pharmacy, the reporter saw a few citizens to buy cold medicine, most of them said are in the habit of reserve cold medicine at ordinary times, in which mixed eat plenty of different brand, but very few people have heard of 「mix eat harmful」.

「Cold, fight for a few days first, fight not to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine to eat.」 「Said Ms. Qian, who lives in zhige district. 「Runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, something to cure.」 In the impression of money lady, basically cold will not go to the hospital, symptom is serious, go to the pharmacy oneself dispensing medicine, every time the symptom of the cold, the medicine that buys in pharmacy more.


Stacking can cause kidney damage

So, is cold medicine mixed eat can cause kidney injury? For this, the reporter consulted the sha street community health service center director of medicine shen wenliang. He told reporters that the 「superimposition of cold medicine」 on his own would cause kidney damage and severe kidney failure.

In the interview, the reporter learned that, in the over-the-counter cold medicine, xinkang tek, tylenol, day and night, white, black and cold, etc. contain ephedrine elements. And ephedra alkaline is a quasi adrenal drug, can theexcited sympathetic nerve, a drug overdose, easy to cause mental stimulation, the symptom such as insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, tremor, severe patients with organic heart disease or digitalis treatment, can cause cardiac arrhythmia.

Old age, prostate hypertrophy patient is overdosing, can cause urination difficulty. All patients with hyperthyroidism, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris should be banned from taking cold medicines containing ephedrine.

「Even over-the-counter cold medicines are best advised to consult with doctors, especially those who avoid the use of the common cold medicines of ephedra.」 Shen wenliang said.