20th September, 2017

The highest incidence of three diseases in autumn

Autumn temperature changes, a variety of diseases frequently struck. Experts said that once the fall of the root causes fall, it may be wrapped around your life, especially the following three diseases, the most likely to fall in the fall, then we must do a good job nursing.
The highest incidence of three diseases in autumn
1, cold cough
Autumn cough is very common, this is because the autumn heat, easy to damage the liver and spleen, causing cough. Especially in children, the incidence is higher, if not timely treatment, it is easy to drag into pneumonia and asthma.
2, weak spleen and stomach
Autumn is a winter, the weather is getting cold, so the fall to the appropriate tonic.
But the autumn is also a weak season of spleen and stomach, if you eat too much good food, not only difficult to digest, but also easy to cause gastrointestinal disease. So, autumn tonic to do what it can.
3, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
Autumn because of changes in temperature, coupled with the cold weather will stimulate the sympathetic nerve, causing high blood pressure. If the patient is not on-demand medication, cold air will 「take advantage of」, induced cardiovascular disease.
Therefore, the elderly in this period of time must be done on time medication, usually keep warm.
Fall to prevent high incidence, may wish to add it in the water
One, Scutellaria soaked in water
1, fall flu
Scutellaria water can not only improve the body resistance, but also to prevent influenza, but the amount can not be too much, each time a few tablets can be.
2, cold cough
Autumn is easy to cough, add some scutellaria in the water, and then drop a few drops of honey, not only Ziyin lungs, but also enhance lung function, relieve cough symptoms.
3, blood lipid sticky
Autumn due to low temperature, narrowing the blood vessel wall, blood flow is also reduced, once the blood lipids, easy to plug the blood vessels, causing thrombosis. The scutellaria tea, can reduce blood viscosity, and clear the blood vessels.
Second, chrysanthemum soaked in water
1, sore throat
Autumn is easy to sore throat, which inevitably bring a lot of trouble to life. Add a few flowers in the water chrysanthemum, and then put a few rock sugar, a few days can relieve sore throat.
2, face spots
Chrysanthemum tea and whitening freckle effect, but the effect is relatively slow, many people can not hold on.
3, improve vision
Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum can clear eyes, especially now we can not leave the phone, but also need time to protect your eyes, to avoid vision loss.
Chrysanthemum is also rich in vitamin A, can relieve eye diseases, restore vision, every day with the computer office workers in particular to drink.
Three, jujube soaked in water
1, qi and blood
Since ancient times, there are three days of dates, the face is not old, 「the saying goes, red dates nutritious, with a good blood effect.
The red dates to the core after the cut into a slice of water to drink, so that red nutrients can make it faster dissolution.
2, spleen and stomach
Autumn easy spleen and stomach, eat something easy to diarrhea, then you can use red dates and Codonopsis with soaked in water, can achieve the spleen and stomach, the role of promoting appetite.
Four, Schisandra soaked in water
1, bronchitis
Schisandra is also commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, it can not only cough, Chinese medicine is also commonly used to cure bronchitis, especially for many years of chronic bronchitis is very useful
2, to protect the heart
After the fall, the blood vessel wall began to shrink, when it is also a high incidence of heart disease.
Schisandra contains Schisandra, can expand blood vessels, increase blood supply, prevent the occurrence of heart disease.
Five, bitter gourd soaked in water
1, to fight radiation
Modern people do not leave the body every day, even if the work, the eyes can not leave the computer for a moment. And computers and mobile phones have a certain radiation, prolonged use of the damage caused by the body can be imagined.
Bitter gourd soaked in water, can effectively reduce radiation, reduce the body’s absorption of radiation.
2, lower three high
Bitter gourd drink water can drop three high, is the three high crowd very good diet drink.
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