30th October, 2018

Even though your old card was cancelled

Final clean-up
Once you’ve contacted the credit card issuer (and possibly protected your credit), the company should send you a new card in the mail. Then it’s time to perform a few final tasks.

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Even though your old card was cancelled, you should still destroy it. Because it contains personal information, dumpster divers could use it for identity theft (just like much of your other trash). Cut it up into multiple pieces or shred it with a cross-cut shredder. If your card is made of actual metal, request an envelope from the credit card company, ship it back to them, and they’ll destroy it for you. Or, if the issuing bank has a physical branch near you, you may also be able to take it to them for destruction.

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Finally, don’t forget to enter your new credit card number on any recurring bills, such as your cable subscription, Netflix account, and so on. Some companies, like American Express, can automatically redirect those recurring charges to your new card, but it’s still a good idea to change the numbers as soon as you have the option.

And if you weren’t already checking your credit card statements regularly, start a new habit. “You need to monitor your billing statements,” says Griffin. “You’ll see signs of fraud there before you will on your credit report.” This early detection can prevent the larger hassles that ensue if a thief goes unnoticed.

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