20th September, 2017

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1 Existing problems in geography education in middle schools The first non-travel related case of colistin and carbapenem resistant E coli.

(1) Knowledge education is equivalent to quality education. In the implementation of teaching objectives to complete the task of teaching, high school geography teaching only pays attention to the teaching of knowledge, that knowledge education is equal to quality education, ignoring the ability to train students and ideological education. The tasks of the “knowledge education, ability training, and ideological education” stipulated in the syllabus have not been fully implemented. Quality education requires that the geography class emphasizes the comprehensive development of knowledge, ability, and attitude. In particular, it highlights the cultivation of abilities and emotional attitudes and values. Develop.

(2) In the teaching content, perceptual geography knowledge is equivalent to geography knowledge. In the process of geography teaching in middle schools, teachers often ignore the status of each chapter in the geographic knowledge system, and only pay attention to the transmission of perceptual knowledge of geography, but they disregard the knowledge of rational geography. The education of perceptual knowledge of geography equal to the education of geography affects the depth and breadth of teaching, so that students’ geography knowledge system cannot be effectively formed.

(3) Re-introducing light enlightenment in teaching methods. From the perspective of the bilateral relations between teachers and students, there are mainly problems such as re-instillation, light inspiration, and emphasis on teaching the method of light learning. In the process of teaching, teachers often consciously or unconsciously place themselves in the core position and form a teaching model that tells the whole story in the end. Consciousness, initiative, and enthusiasm of students』 learning are severely constrained. Students』 ability to think, recognize and solve problems independently and their creative potential are not fully realized. Teaching effectiveness is greatly reduced PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. polyu optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..

2 New Requirements of Quality Education for Geography Teaching in Middle Schools

The geography education in middle schools under the quality education requires that the majority of middle school geography teachers update their concepts and improve their teaching methods. The change of teaching concept is the key to teachers』 quality education.

(1) Inquiry of teachers』 guiding methods. In the teaching of middle school, it is necessary to be teacher-oriented and student-centered. This is the specific requirement for the status and role of quality education for teaching and its relationship. The scientific and rational guidance methods, the new teacher-student relationship and the harmonious communication between teachers and students are the success factors for teachers』 guidance. For example, in the section of the movement of the earth, using the animation of the Earth’s rotation, the introduction of a new lesson can lead to good results.

(2) Exploration of cultivating students』 thinking ability in high school geography teaching. The analysis of appropriate practical activities and typical cases in teaching is an effective way to cultivate students’ thinking ability. Through practical activities in teaching, students can easily observe and understand difficult-to-understand geographical things. As a material to improve students』 thinking ability, they should be intuitive and easy to explore. Through intuitive animation and materials, students can access the abstract geographical things in the textbooks and gain immersive results, leaving students with a deep impression and easy sublimation of their thinking skills.

(3) Exploration of practical teaching in middle school geography teaching. Personal experience is an unforgettable process of feelings. Constantly grasping new situations and discovering new problems in personal observation can lead to new ideas for solving new problems. Therefore, personal experience is the most effective way to rapidly grasp geographical things and geographical phenomena. The ultimate goal of our teaching is to serve the practice. Doing appropriate practical activities in teaching, accumulating students』 practical experience, and observing the geological things observed in practice can be associated with insufficient knowledge to improve the application ability The add-ons in any wine accessory gift box make a perfect corporate customer presentation quipping as a long lasting token or keepsake that the recipients will cherish..