9th November, 2017

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Schools are prohibited from organizing, demanding and recommending students to attend paid courses. Schools are prohibited from publicize the examination results and ranking of students through the form of parents, WeChat group, etc. 6 reporter learned from Chengdu City Board of education, to effectively reduce the compulsory education stage of primary and middle school students』 burden, establish a long-term mechanism to promote students』 physical and mental health and overall development, The new polyu admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.the city developed a 「guidance Chengdu City Bureau of education on the stage of compulsory education to lighten the students』 burden.」.



In the opinion, the requirements for the operation management are more clear. Teachers are strictly forbidden to assign punitive assignments, and teachers should be required to correct their homework carefully, and parents should not be asked to correct the homework and check the homework assigned by the teachers and sign them. The school will work into normal school management, responsibility clear operational research, review, and other aspects of the implementation of total control, selection of stratified homework reform, establish grade, placement of various disciplines work, students』 homework time planning and publication system.


In terms of schedule, requirements of primary school and junior high school every day students focus on learning time in school were not more than 6 hours, bull market 7 hours. It is not allowed to take up students』 self-study and lunch break time.


In order to change the school burden, family, school, school burden increase negative negative growth 「phenomenon, Chengdu proposed」 non school organizations, and recommend students to participate in paid extra lessons; no school and school institutions paid extra lessons; prohibited all types of schools at all levels for external agencies paid extra lessons, academic competitions, test (test) test provide the venue, teaching facilities or student information such as six non」.


At the same time, reform the method of examination evaluation. Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and attractions in via PartnerNet’s Travel Hong Kong website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.In addition, Chengdu provides for the first time a provision for the use of mobile terminal learning. It is required that the school should not unite the parents to buy electronic equipment or the software that needs to be paid for the teaching and teaching activities such as class, homework and so on.