9th November, 2017

Astragalus, peanuts, red jujube breast enhancement?

The first step: no technology at all, do not wash directly kick up a cloud of dust, astragalus, red dates, peanuts and rice, and then put in a pressure cooker stew for 20 minutes. The second step: when the gas is about the same time, put it in the bowl and put some sugar in it, so as to suit your own taste.

Breast principle: Traditional Chinese medicine think, think red dates can be fluid, and Huangqi can regulate endocrine, blood gas, and peanuts are rich in protein and fat, the combination of the three can not only make the chest stand tall and straight, can let the female body internal organs running smoothly.

Peanut is a kind of contains a lot of fat and protein ingredients, it is mainly used to produce peanut oil in our life; the ingredients are more familiar with the red dates for women, menstrual blood on it is very helpful and Huangqi herbs may be; many friends do not know what to do. He is in fact, Huangqi can be used to qi. The three kinds of poetry mixed together, has a certain role in breast enhancement.

For the chest small compared to women, usually not easy to attract members of the opposite sex, even some friends will be as a joke when at leisure for a. In order to completely change the fate of poor girls, may wish to eat some red dates peanut Astragalus porridge, this kind of food is not only have breast enhancement effect, but also has the spleen and Qi and blood, when taking red dates peanut Astragalus porridge, can also eat some corn or papaya, this kind of breast enhancement effect will be more obvious.